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About The Compiler:

Niall Rhys Watts, or Abdullah, is a British, Orthodox Muslim living in Gambia, West Africa. Formerly a resident of Birmingham, UK, where he attended the lessons at the Orthodox Mosque (Salafi Masjid).

He is a former English Grammar School student and Cambridge English Qualified English Practitioner, calling mankind to the worship of God alone.

He is currently working to establish an Orthodox Islamic Organization in his new home country and to assist others in migrating from the Lands of Polytheism to the Lands of Submission to God alone.

Methodology Used in Compilation

The methodology for this compilation has been the Correct, Orthodox, Submitted to God (Islamic) methodology,

Explaining The Speech of God with:

  • The Speech of God,
  • The Speech and Actions of His Messenger, Muhammad, may God extol him in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace.
  • The Understanding of his disciples.

All of the above, God has preserved with authentic chains of narration until this time of ours and will continue to do so until His Decree comes – and to Him is the praise.

We used “The Noble Qur’an” by Dr Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din and Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan as our base text, with the aid of Saheeh International’s Collection also – only as found in its corrected state on Orthodox Islamic Site, for its ease of reading.

Other texts used in our compilation include:

  • Tafsir As Sa’di, Translated by Darussalam
  • Tafsir ibn Kathir, Translated by Darussalam
  • The Word for Word “The Noble Qur’an” of Hilali and Khan, Published by Darussalam
  • The Works of The Orthodox Scholars of Islam including:
    • Shaykh Saleh al Fawzan
    • Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen
  • The Audio and Written Works of the Orthodox, English Speaking Islamic Teachers, such as:
    • The Late Dawood Burbank
    • Abu (meaning, “Father of”) Hakeem
    • Abu Khadeejah
    • Dr Abdulilaah Lahmami
    • Dr Abu Iyaad

We ask God, The Blessed and Most High, to shower His Mercy upon those Scholars and Students of Knowledge that have preceded us, to preserve their works and to guide by way of them the nations.